(EN) Friends Space Berlin
(EN) Creating meaningful connections, Berlin – Glogauer Straße 2, Berlin

(EN) FvF introduces the second physical expression of their international online publication: the Friends Space in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

(EN) A space formed and shaped through contemporary design, art and above all—innovation. The Friends Space is available for public and private events. The space is characterised by exclusivity and transformation, it is a working example of future urban living, modern art display, and forward thinking marketing—all while being connected to real stories, events and creative people.

(EN) Use Cases

(EN) Designed to be fully adaptable to the diverse and often unexpected scenarios of everyday life.

(EN) Architecture

(EN) PHILIPP MAINZER office for architecture and design works internationally on commercial, residential and cultural projects providing full architectural, interior and exhibition design as well as furniture design services for both the public and private sector. The Friends Space was the perfect blank canvas to realise our new vision for FvF, adding yet another layer to our community.

(EN) Address

(EN) Glogauer Straße 2, 10999 Berlin, Germany

(EN) Floorplan


(EN) Scenarios


The Friends Space is designed to be fully adaptable to the diverse and often unexpected scenarios of everyday life, reflecting the lifestyle of a creative and agile generation. The spirit of innovative living is captured in a well designed and visionary environment.

  • (EN) Public Events

  • (EN) Launch Events

  • (EN) Concerts

  • (EN) Exhibitions

  • (EN) Symposia/Readings

  • (EN) Workshops/Presentations

  • (EN) Photo/Video productions

  • (EN) Showroom

  • (EN) Social gatherings

  • (EN) Cooking Events

  • (EN) Coworking Space

  • (EN) Pop-Up Space

(EN) Contact

(EN) Interested in booking the Friends Space or think we'd make great collaborators?


Magdalena Bonamin

Kurt Mattich

+49 (0)30 278 794 90