(English) FvF Cooks in Barcelona: Curry Me Sandwich


(English) Caravan Made is a project created by Sílvia Cabra and Javi Ruz – a couple from Barcelona who are passionate about cooking, eating and, of course, sharing.

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(English) Link List #15


(English) The FvF days are digital, and therefore we come across many bookmark-worthy links beyond the lifestyle scope. Thanks to our Link List, you can now find all of our finds in one place. From reading an article on quantum weirdness, finding out about a court case worth billions of euros to an interview with Meryl Streep, our Link List contains a link for everyone. Happy reading!

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(English) Meet the FvF Contributors: Carissa Gallo


(English) Storytelling and travel are the essence of FvF contributor Carissa Gallo’s photographic work.

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(English) To Travel is to Live

(English) To Travel is To Live: (English) FvF & Airbnb visit Tuscany in Italy

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(English) Diving into the Sustainable Surfing Movement


(English) The sky is solid blue, the winds are balmy and you’re looking out onto the horizon as lumps of water start to approach. Sublime nature surrounds you and, yet ironically, your body is pressed against a surfboard that’s likely contributing to the deterioration of it. For years, there’s been talk of an oncoming green wave in the surf industry. Now, it looks like it’s time to ride it.

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