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Beklager, denne post er kun tilgængelig i English.


  1. perrine la fraicheur | 14.03.2012 — 13:25

    hi team,
    so i am probably late on the battlefield now, as i only saw the intership ad yesterday, but that’s the internet rule of stumble upon, you can’t fight it, you just have to go with it, so here’s my late-not-exactly-what-you’re-looking-for-but-still-might-be-interesting application.
    i’m going to be straight forward with you, and honest. it might not be the right card to play, but at least if it works, then we know on both ends that we got what we were looking for. here it is:
    i didn’t know Freunde von Freunden until yesterday. a friend sent me a link to that Jessica Barensfeld and Simon Howell interview and i browsed around your site until i found your need for an editor intern.
    i’m a 28 year old french girl, i lived in paris and montreal until i landed here in berlin this winter. i speak french and am fluent in english. my german is starting to pick up, i’m only at level A2 but i’m working on it.
    i’ve been a concert producer, festival art director, indie band manager, music “journalist” in paris but most of what i did is in french and on no-longer-existing fanzine but i will still send you what i got. i’ve been an free lance translator for the past years, working on my grandmother’s world war 2 memoirs (she’s british), translating videos for and being an live interpreter for Because Music in Paris, following their english speaking bands (mostly Metronomy and Moby) on their radio-promo tours. Then i got tired of the whole parisian-pretentious-we-haven’t-created-anything-truly-new-in-60-years-cos-we’re-too-busy-complaining music scene and left everything behind and got to Montreal where i divided my time between touring the US as a dj, crafting things in my room, building bikes and volunteering for meals on wheels. Basically living the hippie goodlife. now i want to have my brain active again, and that’s why i apply today.
    like i said i will be honest, so about my three favorite blogs… well it might not sound relevant for this job, but i’m on an internet detox. don’t get me wrong, i spend most of my time on it, but with the new moto: “less is more”. you feed daily on more and more links, articles, new blogs, new videos, new ideas, new artists, you see too much and you end up not even remembering, nothing leaves a print on your heart and brain, every new image, new thought, new feeling pushes further back the previous one and in the end you don’t have time to form a memory and suddenly it’s 3 years later and internet has phagocyted your life or the perception you have of it. so now i’m trying to actually care about what i see. and cure my digital gluttony.
    so my three favorite blogs of the moment would be two, as i skimmed down the rest:

    – When I’m Coming Home. a short view of people’s favorite place from their hometown. because it makes you travel without moving, because it makes you get to know interesting people, because it binds you in an international fraternity of some sort, the family of people who have lived in different places around the world and end up having more than one “home” town.


    – Cabin Porn. because i don’t give up in building my dream tree house and i need my regular shot of wild no man’s land (or one man’s land)

    My 3 favorite tracks, is a game i don’t like to play after 10 years of djing and 5 years working in the music industry. mostly because i have so much favorites according to my mood, the place i’m in my life and the alignment of the stars on a particular time of day that “favorite” loses all it’s meaning of exclusivity. but, here’s my 3 favorites from Wednesday March 14th at 1.12pm:
    Lianne La Havas “Forget” / You Say France And I Whistle “Animal” / Paul Simon “50 ways to leave your lover”. Now Why? Probably because they help me heal my heartbreak, probably because they reek of spring carefree happiness and bike rides with friends in the wood until you reach a lake where you can have a bonfire and tickle fights.

    My most inspiring interview of the moment is from Roberto Lavagna, Argentina’s ex-minister of economy, who picked up his country in deep financial crisis and lifted it up back to a dynamic economy by basically getting out of IMF and international bankers ties, turning his back on this system to take care of the country’s need: people and resources. in the light of the european crisis and especially the greek disaster that is getting worth everytime outsiders force them to cut down on the population basic needs, it is truly inspiring to see there are options out there. unconventional for sure. but bloody damn efficient. here’s a link to one interview he gave to a french newspaper : but he went on a whole “tour” and i’m pretty sure if you google him you’ll find a english/german interview where he explains just the same.

    so here’s my application.
    i know it’s probably not exactly what you are looking for, especially as this mail is a little messy and the first things you ask of an editor is to be precise, meticulous and focused. but it’s one thing to present oneself, and another to work for real. i’ve worked in team, i’ve worked on my own, i am dynamic, open-minded, straight forward yet diplomatic, i take any kind of criticism without blushing, i’m a fast worker and a fast learner, i love communicating, when it means sharing discoveries and wanting more people to get to know what made your own heart beat faster.

    please don’t think twice about asking more infos about anything that crosses your mind,
    i’d be delighted to talk about this more with you,
    until i hear from you,
    take good care,

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