(EN) Freunde von Freunden translates from German to “Friends of Friends” and that’s the guiding philosophy behind FvF.

(EN) We are an international network of inspiring individuals from diverse creative and cultural backgrounds that we’ve had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with. Our website is a digital representation of a creative community brought together by a collective interest in art, urban living, food, mobility and design.

While our foundation is our online platform, we also collaborate with likeminded brands and organizations on creative projects like books, events and video productions.

Our main office is located in Kreuzberg, Berlin but our network is connected all over the world.
Drop us a message: contact@freundevonfreunden.com

(EN) FvF Productions UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Glogauer Straße 2, 10999 Berlin, Germany
Managing Directors: Frederik Frede, Tim Seifert

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(EN) Say Hello to the FvF Team

(EN) The FvF team in Berlin is a tightknit group of friends that are always seeking out the most interesting stories for our readers, friends, and of course, for ourselves. Each team member brings a unique knowledge of contemporary culture and a diversity of professional talents. As a group, we connect and engage with our expanding and trusted network of curious and inspirational individuals. Supported by an extensive network of contributors across 80 cities around the globe, we aspire to present sensitive, intelligent and insightful content across a range of platforms.

(EN) FvF’s international Network


(EN) We love to travel, and just as important as the experiences we’ve collected are the friends we’ve made along the way. As a result, the stories we tell on Freunde von Freunden come from our network of friends from around the world.

(EN) Say Hello to the Communications Team

(EN) Whether you want to get to know us better or plan to have an event at our lovely FvF Apartment in Berlin-Mitte: For all press inquiries and inquires regarding the FvF Apartment please email Kurt Mattich

(EN) Read About Us

(EN) Branded Content Partnerships

(EN) We have worked with clients and brands that include: Vitra, Mercedes Benz, MINI Deutschland, Weleda and 25hours Hotels. Each client values our ability to conceptualize, develop and execute ideas beyond one-dimensional expression. Our projects result in meaningful experiences that provide enduring and powerful bespoke content marketing solutions and branding outcomes. For more information check out the FvF Productions page and get in touch with Tim Seifert.

(EN) Branded Content by FvF Productions

(EN) Our dynamic and talented team offer specialized skills and expertise derived from a diversity of backgrounds in the fields of design, arts and publishing. But it doesn’t stop there. We complement our qualifications with a wealth of experience working alongside clients to develop and produce distinctive outcomes in the real world of branding. These specialized insights are the key to our growth, success and distinctive perspective.
For more information and details about our production capabilities, visit our FvF Productions website or get in touch with Tim Seifert.

(EN) No Wyld Video – MINI x Sony Music
(EN) Companion Magazine – 25Hours Hotels

(EN) FvF in Print

(EN) The foundation of Freunde von Freunden is our online platform. FvF Publishing explores new and established channels of communication in order to introduce our unique content via innovative approaches. We create and produce content with a broad range of themes and topics in order to make FvF relevant, enduring and ever-evolving.

(EN) FvF Spaces

(EN) In extension to our international online publication, FvF takes their content to the physical sphere: the FvF Apartment in Berlin-Mitte and the Friends Space in Berlin-Kreuzberg—both are multi-faceted spaces for friends and partners to gather and express their creativity, available for public and private events.

(EN) Design-Minded

(EN) FvF is design-oriented in every respect: from the interior design of our office and spaces, to the well designed products we use and the topics in design we explore, we’re fascinated by the designer’s role in shaping the ways we live. That’s why our website was carefully created by our mother agency, MoreSleep, to allow our content to be seen in the best light possible. Learn more about the work MoreSleep is doing on their website.

(EN) FvF Facts

  • (EN) 550+ Interviews

  • (EN) 32k Photos

  • (EN) 75+ Videos

  • (EN) 100+ Cities

  • (EN) 250+ Contributors

(EN) Website Reach

  • (EN) 25k+ Daily Website Visitors

  • (EN) 3 million+ Monthly Website Views

  • (EN) 50k+ Daily Video Views

(EN) Social Reach

  • (EN) 125k+ Facebook Followers

  • (EN) 130k Instagram Followers

  • (EN) 35k+ Pinterest Followers

(EN) FAQs – Get to Know Us Even Better

(EN) How did you come up with the idea of Freunde von Freunden?

(EN) We had a design studio and agency called NoMoreSleep but were looking for an alternative to working for clients. Essentially, we wanted to do our own thing and showcase our abilities. We created everything from logo, branding to website development, design and overall strategic concept. We asked our friend Ailine Liefeld to take the pictures and began portraying our friends. This is also where the initial focus came from- as a lot of our friends are creatives, designers or artists.

(EN) When did you start?

(EN) We had the idea for FvF beginning of 2009 and went online in October 2009. In Summer 2010 we started with videos and a year later we spread our wings internationally and released interviews with friends and creatives from Sao Paulo to Copenhagen.

In November 2011 we published our first hard cover book which can be ordered here. In Spring 2013 we released the FvF iPad Magazine, to give our audience a mobile- and tablet-focused way to enjoy our content.

(EN) How do you choose the apartments you feature?

(EN) We never look for apartments but for people. The important thing for us is the person and we get surprised by how they live. In most cases we don’t know what to expect when we visit someone at home.

(EN) How do you select your guests?

(EN) We want to stay true to our focus and portrait Freunde von Freunden, friends of friends. From the beginning we literally worked with close friends and asked them if they want to recommend another friend. This is how we expanded our network and how we wish to continue. We are interested in people from different fields equally. Our focus is on individuals who are inspiring and have a passion. No matter if it‘s gardening, cooking or designing Spaceshuttles.

(EN) Can I contribute as writer or photographer?

(EN) We have an established team but are open to new collaborations. If you think you match the FvF spirit, you are welcome to send your photo or writing portfolio (which shouldn‘t exceed 5 mb) to our submissions address. Please understand that feedback might take some time.

(EN) I don’t see advertising, why?

(EN) We don‘t believe in traditional banner advertising that detracts from the overall design and content of our website. We want to create value for our readers.

(EN) Are your portraits exclusive content produced only for FvF’s publishing purposes?

(EN) No, they are not. But we only provide other media outlets and magazines with text and pictures, when the context and aesthetic fits to our approach and guest and contributors agree to another publication. Feel free to contact us, when you are interested in our content and we’ll find an agreement.

(EN) How do you finance FvF?

(EN) With FvF Productions we use our skills for client productions in the fields of video, photography and editorial consultation.

We also work on content collaboration and partnerships when in keeping with our concept and provides value for our readers. We believe that brand involvement doesn‘t necessarily compromise the quality of a magazine.

(EN) What content management system do you use?

(EN) We use WordPress as content management system for freundevonfreunden.com and have developed our own theme which is designed to meet our specific needs.

(EN) I have a question regarding the Shop and/or my order. Who do I contact?

(EN) Please email us directly with your question and/or order number and we will contact you as soon as possible.