Mickaël Martins Afonso and Caroline Escaffre-Faure Challenge the Urban Status Quo through Design


As part of an architectural and urban planning exhibition, creative duo Mickaël Martins Afonso and Caroline Escaffre-Faure produce a paradigm-challenging installation.

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When Surf Lends Itself to Sean Yoro’s Political Waterbound Murals


The East Oahu street artist grew an admiration for the multifaceted elements of nature atop a surfboard as a teenager.

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Pablo Bronstein Draws upon Early Modern Period Tropes to Reflect on the Brexit through Performance and Installation Art


For the Tate Britain’s annual Duveen Galleries, Pablo invented the performance piece “Historical Dances in an Antique Setting” to ironically objectify the country’s politics.

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The Zhongshuge Bookstore Realizes the Futuristic Aesthetic of the ‘60s


Chinese interior design firm XL MUSE actualized a space fitting for Major Tom—and in his absence, gave it to bibliophiles.

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Patrick Bergsma’s Picturesque Microcosms Edge Upon the Dystopian


Disarming in ways akin to Wes Anderson’s cinematography, but on a petite scale, Patrick Bergsma models worlds full of vegetation, architecture, topography and individual characters.

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