(English) FvF Cooks with Nobu

(English) A fusion of traditional Mediterranean flavours with a Japanese touch of minimalism and understated notes in three dishes prepared by our friend Nobu for a relaxed gathering at Openhouse in Barcelona.

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(English) Link List #7


(English) Scouring the web for unique content, noteworthy stories and well-written articles beyond the scope of lifestyle subjects is part of our daily routine – so we thought it’s only fair to share our finds with you. From advice on the perfectly cooked turkey, a 30 second image summary of 2014 to a documentary about the Antarctica – we’ve covered it all.

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(English) Meet the FvF Contributors: Annette Walter


(English) Born in a town with only a hundred thousand inhabitants in Bavaria, Annette always dreamt about urban life and meeting people from all over the world. Having developed a fascination for Eastern Germany, she studied Journalism and Politics in Leipzig and used her studies as a gateway to various cities  She’s lived in Lausanne, Berlin and London and moved to Munich some years ago.

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(English) FvF Explores: Californian Wilderness with Sean Woolsey


(English) Venturing into the Californian wild is not a rarity for furniture designer, artist and FvF guest Sean Woolsey who adheres to his “stay wild and free” motto by embarking on frequent travels and road trips. This time he takes us along, from Costa Mesa to Big Sur and San Francisco.

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(English) Link List #6


(English) On our daily excursions on the world wide web, the FvF can’t help but come across inspiring content we bookmark for later – in our Link List, we share our finds with you. From poets discussing their favorite books, advice on making animated GIFs to  the best photos of 2014- this week’s column will keep you entertained this weekend.

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