(English) Meet the FvF Contributors: Natalie Bothur

Freunde von Freunden Natalie Bothur

(English) While growing up in a farm in a small village near Cologne, Natalie Bothur begun to develop a strong curiosity about her surroundings, whether that was her sisters playing around, animals that would come and go or the ever-changing nature. That’s when she started recording everything she would encounter with her camera.

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(English) FvF Cooks with Marta Greber: Corn & Zucchini Pancakes


(English) For our November Breakfast series, we’ve invited successful food blogger Marta Greber from What Should I Eat for Breakfast Today? along with her husband Tomasz to join us at the FvF Apartment and whip up a variety of Sunday breakfast recipes that will get us through the last autumn month and make our mornings a little bit more palatable.

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(English) Link List #2


(English) Scouring the web for unique content, noteworthy stories and well-written articles beyond the scope of lifestyle subjects is part of our daily routine – so we thought it’s only fair to share our finds with you. This weekly column presents you our curation of the most worthwhile links we come across online and bookmark for later.

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(English) FvF Explores: Rotterdam Rising


(English) After recently being proclaimed a must-see by New York Times, Rough Guide and CNN, Rotterdam is officially on the map as an eminent travel destination. With its cutting-edge modern architecture, marvelous museums, top notch cuisine and original boutiques, the growing popularity of Holland’s second biggest city is well deserved.

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(English) FvF Crafts: New Video Series


(English) Observing a craftsman as they manipulate raw materials with expertise, take them through several transformative stages and slowly morph them into refined finished objects can be quite an engrossing sight.

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