Transplanting New York Architecture into the Desert


Seeing New York City for all that it is can be difficult amid its own characteristically crowded context. Designer Anton Repponen has overcome that obstacle by digitally editing the city’s iconic structures into the desert.

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The Adventure Handbook Explores Travel off the Beaten Track


Adventure Handbook’s first printed publication called “Learnin’ As We Go“ offers 70 pages of photographs of travelers who venture beyond traditional comfort zones.

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A Project to Actualize a Timepiece Displaying the 24-Hour Day


The clock simply called Today, shows the progression of a day without the division of seconds, minutes and hours.

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Job Opening: Project Manager


FvF is a Berlin-based independent publication and production company that creates inspiring and international content. We cover stories from around the world with our network of friends and contributors—focusing on the incredible pursuits of diverse, creative people from all cultural backgrounds and professions.

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Contributing to a Well-Rounded Education through Bridging Circular and Angular Geometry

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McBride Charles Ryan firm has designed Ivanhoe Grammar School in Victory to inspire its pupils to think outside of the box.

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