Link List #44: Russian electronica, gif language and police eagles

We all know the old adage about taking a walk in someone else’s shoes. But what about scrolling through someone else’s open tabs?

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Culture editor Anna Sinofzik on how shelves reveal our deepest secrets


We divide the world into grids in order to better orient ourselves in it, to be able to better represent and search through it. We divide our homes in part using shelving units. We do this first and foremost for practical reasons.

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Job Opening: Video and Digital Producer

Freunde-von-Freunden-James-Higginson-023 copy

Freunde von Freunden’s video and digital department continues to grow, with exciting projects for clients and editorial in equal proportions. As video and digital media become a greater part of our readers’ world, we continue to expand the ways in which we dazzle and amaze them. This is an opportunity for you to bring fresh ideas into the FvF mix.

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Job Opening: Business and Editorial Integration


We are story tellers, and the content we create is rich, engaging, and authentic. People love our work, and through it we’ve developed an invaluable connection with a dynamic and creative audience — one that business partners want to be a part of.

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Link List #43


With studies hinting at the creative benefits of procrastinating, it’s a miracle this month’s Link List got published at all.

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