FvF Goes NYC

With this teaser we want to set the mood for some upcoming New York stories that we will publish here soon. Besides client work, we also interviewed some exceptional diverse people that represent the city in all its multifaceted beauty. We are particularly happy that we were able to set up a permanent New York base with a talented editorial team – FvF NYC is a reality. We hope you will be as excited as we are once you get a glimpse on what’s to come.

In our recent series of interviews we hung out with a true New York original who used to travel the world with the Rolling Stones; drank cortados at a friendly city surfer’s backyard accessorized with old motorcycles & wetsuits; visited a visual artist that led us to Two Bridges, one of the few still unexplored neighborhoods in Manhattan and also enjoyed some quality time including a stunning sunset at a wonderfully talented window-artists’ Brooklyn studio.

So get ready for tons of photos, interviews & videos straight from the Empire State in the coming weeks. Enjoy!
A special thank you goes out to Fette, Gracia, Ailine, Chris, Andrew, Oliver and Hendrik.

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  1. Robert | 30.11.2011 — 22:12

    von wem ist die musik?

  2. frede | 30.11.2011 — 23:23

    Secure by The Photographic from the album Pictures of a Changing World

  3. claudia | 30.11.2011 — 23:37


  4. darkwah_ | 01.12.2011 — 14:21

    great, totally looking forward to it.

  5. nnes | 01.12.2011 — 22:00

    looking forward

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