Meet the FvF Contributors: Debora Mittelstaedt from Berlin

Known for her distinctive color rich portraits that capture unforgettable moments, Debora Mittelstaedt is an integral part of our FvF team. Originally from a little town near Cologne, Debora is the youngest of five siblings. With a strong interest in photography from a young age, she studied fine photography at Folkwang University before relocating to New York 2006. Instead of staying for one year as initially planned, Debora remained in the big apple for six years perfecting her craft and specializing in the area of fashion photography and portraiture.


In 2013 she moved to Berlin to work as a freelance photographer. Her work has been shown at group shows in Germany and New York and featured in publications such as Sleek, The Fader, V-Magazine and Monopol and is represented by Schierke Photographers in Frankfurt and Paris.

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FvF Cooks Team Lunch: Avocado Bruschetta & Prawn Pasta

Individual and inspiring stories of creatives make up the meat of Freunde von Freunden’s online magazine. Yet already we’ve found other motifs that circulate throughout our interviews: good design, green gardens and not least of all, delicious food. More often than not in our interviews cakes are baked, snacks are served and favorite recipes come to life. Creating the FvF Cooks series has emerging for a while now, and with the opening of the FvF Apartment, we’ve at last been able to personally make it a reality.

FvF Cooks lets our guests and friends share their loves for food and cooking. Here in our Berlin office, we too can now come together away from our computer screens and gather in the 2nd floor apartment to dedicate some time in the beautiful kitchen, generously supported by partners, Miele, WMF, NEW TENDENCY, Vöslauer and KPM. Our first FvF team lunch was prepared by MoreSleep’s Katie and FvF’s Zsuzsi, who together prepared avocado toast to start and a delightfully-colored seafood dish with fresh prawns and linguine pasta. Here you’ll find our step-by-step healthy recipe. Please join our meal from home!


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Meet the FvF Contributors: Leigh Patterson from Austin

FvF Contributor Leigh Patterson has delivered us with a selection of insightful interviews with a range of fascinating personalities that include: Austin-based artist Alyson Fox, architectural designer Jack Sanders and LA based designer Joe Sadler.

Writing is one of Leigh’s many talents. Her concepts for editorial and visual projects have seen her work for a range of fashion labels that include Sparton and APIECE APART, while providing content for Alldayeveryday and Remodelista. Together with her friend Amelia Giller, Leigh founded synonym journal – a website and biannual print journal that serves as a collection of photography, interviews, art, design, style and writing, centering around a specific thematic each issue.

Niko Marseille

It is almost impossible to isolate Leigh’s personal aesthetic or overall approach to her work as her inspiration and motivations continue to galvanize and evolve with each and every project. One constant however, is her unwavering pursuit for new and interesting projects that shed light on the work of inspiring individuals while addressing the ways style, art and design interconnect. We get to know this Austin based lass a little better in our interview below.

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FvF Cooks: Sabich with Haya and Nuriel Molcho & Ali Schwarz

For the latest installment in our FvF Cooks series we met with chef and restaurateur Haya Molcho. When Haya Molcho cooks, the earth seems to move. There are few people that can talk about meatballs for ten minutes while keeping an entire table under their spell. Haya Molcho is such a person.

It is probably this quality that has enabled Haya Molcho to build her business into what it is today. She’s lived in Vienna for 35 years, she hails from Tel Aviv, but was partly raised in Germany, where she met her husband, the mime, Samy Molcho. In Vienna she runs the restaurants Neni and Tel Aviv Beach, there’s also a catering branch, and she sells some of her best-known Mezze in the grocery store chain Spar. Last year she opened her first restaurant outside of Austria in the 25hours Hotel in Zurich, this year Neni will also come to the 25hours Hotel in Berlin. This is all explained by Nuriel Molcho, Haya’s oldest son, who is responsible for the marketing, PR, and concept development of the Neni Group. The hosts are also a family: in addition to the two DJs Ali and Basti Schwarz, aka Tiefschwarz, who once played for Neni at the Vienna Naschmarkt, and have since become friends with Molcho, is their mother, Siglinde, tinkering in the kitchen.

To mark the opening of her first restaurant in Berlin we organized a communal dinner together with DJ duo Ali and Basti Schwarz aka Tiefschwarz and their mother to cook “Sabich”.

This article is part of “FvF Cooks” – a selection of monthly inspiring and healthy meals and snacks by a range of FvF guests, contributors and industry experts.


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Meet the FvF Contributors: Michael A. Muller

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Michael A. Muller has graced us with his truly authentic and heartwarming imagery for a range of memorable American portraits on Freunde von Freunden. As a trusted and valued FvF contributor, there is a strong commitment to his craft evident in his work.

Michael has introduced us to three FvF guests from Austin. You might remember shop owner Don Weir in his home and store, architectural designer, Jack Sanders offering a true Texan flavour and artist and designer, Alyson Fox. Additionally, Michael also took photos for creative director and designer, Joe Sadler‘s portrait at home in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

When not working on content for FvF you can find Michael on a shoot for a range of restaurant features, or producing material for Cereal, Kinfolk, Monster Children, Nothing Major, Remodelista and Sight Unseen, among others. We get to know Michael a little better and find out about his love of the simple pleasures in life: an early morning jog, a hearty breakfast and reading a good book. We also find out about his favorite childhood travel memories, love of printed magazines and the best place in town to overdose on oysters.


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