Meet the FvF Contributors: Amelia Phillips


We are happy and grateful to have London based freelance writer and editor Amelia Phillips part of our Freunde von Freunden team.

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FvF Explores: Mission District with Paige Russell


Photography: Mark Wickens
Text: Rachael Watts


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FvF Cooks Team Lunch: Yellow Paprika Soup & Asperges à la Flamande


While mussels and waffles might be what first springs to mind FvF’s Katleen and Moresleep‘s Yoannis, who are both Berlgium born, kept it fresh and seasonal whipping up Asperges à la Flamande and Yellow Paprika Soup: A colorful and tasty menu that sums up the very best spring has to offer with quality ingredients supplied by our good friends at allyouneed.

We take you through a step by step guide of our delicious meal enjoyed in the FvF Apartment listing the recipes for both courses for you try for yourself at home.

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Meet the FvF Contributors: Shoko Wanger from New York

We have been extremely fortunate to have Brooklyn based writer and editor Shoko Wanger work with us on a range of New York based portraits in the past year.

She has introduced us to a group of inspiring personalities that include: artists Dez’Mon Omega Fair and Minka Sicklinger, fashion designers Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, motion designer Aslan Malik and fashion stylist and art gallery sales assistant couple Andreas Kokkina and David Daniels.

Photo credit: Jacquelyne Pierson

Born in LA, raised in Honolulu and educated in Santa Cruz, California, Shoko studied creative writing with an emphasis on fiction – since graduating, the bulk of her work has been journalistic or blog-based. She writes a daily personal blog called Sho & Tell, and has contributed to a number of publications and websites that include: Rue Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, VICE and The New Yorker book blog.

This free-spirit is always in search of the next travel adventure – in addition to yearly childhood visits to her mother’s family in Tokyo, she’s written for a music magazine in India, worked as an English teacher in Cambodia and has journeyed through Eastern Europe, New Zealand, and, most recently, Sri Lanka. Her openness to new experiences has rewarded her at seemingly every turn as she’s managed to craft a career out of connecting with fellow creatives and helping tell their tales. Here, she shares a bit of her own story with us.
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Companion Magazine 02 in Print and Ready to Read

The second issue of Companion Magazine takes our unique print collaboration with 25hours Hotels beyond Berlin and showcases a completely revamped design thanks to mother agency MoreSleep.. While Companion’s first issue focused on vibrant developments across Berlin and coincided with the opening of 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, Companion #02 has let us expand our scope into cities such as Vienna, Zürich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, all the while maintaining local access to conversations and tips thanks to close friends and eager teams. Freunde-von-Freunden-Companion-magazine-25-hours-hotels-01 This issue presents local nighttime favorite spots and places of serene escape, in depth interviews, notes on small businesses we admire and essential style items, all with a range of creatives who call the cities home. Gisela Williams investigates the repurposing of Berlin’s Bötzow Brewery, Frankfurt culture icon Ata Macias shares his urban visions as the cover story and Novembre Magazine Editor Jeanne-Salomé Rochat talks with Adriano Sack about the body as a site of action and modification. Freunde-von-Freunden-Companion-Magazine-Jeanne-Salome-25-hours 25hours Hotels has granted us the trust and freedom to explore various cosmopolitan centers through our network with the aim of guiding guests who might have questions about their urban landscape. Companion Issue 2 answers many of these with its rich imagery and Freunde von Freunden-style storytelling, all literally now at your fingertips in newspaper form. We are thrilled to have been asked to bring our style from digital to print, happy always no matter what the medium to share insights from our diverse teams. Freunde-von-Freunden-Companion-Magazine-Hanna_Putz- In order to add a digital component to Companion and to grant our online readers access to these stories, we will be sharing the magazine’s articles in expanded versions – with extended interviews and images – over the coming weeks. The printed publication can be found at all 25h Hotel branches as of today. Freunde-von-Freunden-Companion-magazine-25-hours-hotels-02 And if you want to stay updated on our newest content on FvF make sure to subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter here.