Link List #51: The moral dilemmas of self-driving cars, a portrait of the young Obamas, and a virtual voyage around the world

Scumeck Sobottka / MCT Agency / Workplace / Car / Aston Martin

Browsing through our favorite digital hangouts, we’ve collected the most interesting bits of digital minutiae that you may have missed: An investigation on what people are working on in cafés (and it’s not only screenplays), Anthony Bourdain on why he never eats airplane food, and a digital trip through the world with six photographers.

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Link List #50: Havana’s illegal tattoos, the world’s first font shop and finding Europe in the US


We’ve surfed the most gnarly of internet waves for you, bringing back some real gems. This 50th edition of the FvF link list encompasses everything from New York’s art scene in the ’60s to an IRL font shop in Copenhagen, with plenty of interesting things to digest, proving that the internet isn’t just for exchanging gifs of cats (though that’s not so bad either).

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Link List #49: The Minecraft children lost in the digitalverse, death by selfie, and Monica Lewinsky on public shaming


With warmer weather arriving you’ve got less time to spend trawling the internet so we’ve gathered together the stories that might’ve slipped past you. Including an A-Z of teen films, a vault of the world’s rarest pigments, and an independent magazine start-up guide, these links will provide your internet fix so you can get back outside.

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FvF Cooks: The yogi punk bringing her own blend of community and non-conformity to Kreuzberg


There was a decidedly virtuous feeling among the FvF team after a visit from New Deli Yoga’s Maria Koimtzoglou. Perhaps it was the pre-breakfast yoga session, or the delicious vegetarian feast modeled on the menu served at her cafe, but it’s safe to say she brought a little slice of her laid-back life philosophy with her to the FvF Apartment.

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Job Opening: Events and PR Intern


FvF is a Berlin-based independent publication and production company that creates international PR work. With our network of friends and contributors, we organize exciting events and experiences – focusing on promoting diverse brands from across many different creative sectors.

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