Fucking Young! Magazine Dedicates an Issue to the Beloved Outsider


Fucking Young! Magazine is all about peripheral exploration—what happens when people push past their own comfort zones within men’s fashion, art, music and more.

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Matthew Stone Retexturizes Human Form and Flesh Through Digital Painting


The disconcerting textures revealed by peeling skin away from humans in “Body Worlds” has been smoothed by Matthew Stone’s digital painting process which references the famed, if confronting, traveling exhibition.

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Izumi Miyazaki Ushers in Transnational Surrealist Humor


Photos from Japan’s Izumi Miyazaki build bridges across geography and artistic styles on Tumblr.

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Artist Azuma Makoto Creates a Floral Inferno Deep Inside a Cave


In a cave in Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, Azuma Makoto referenced the violent and metamorphic potential of nature by setting fire to a luscious 2000-piece botanical arrangement.

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