FvF Mixtape #17

Discodromo are Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco, an DJ duo based in Berlin and staple of the local nightlife for some time now. Their name pays reference to their youth in Italy: Discodromo is the italian expression for the runway of UFOs, commonly used in Italian Sci-Fi movies of the 70s. From their pop and disco oriented youth, the duo gained a deep understanding of house and techno while clubbing during the 90s.

Together with their Berghain DJ colleague Boris, Giacomo and Giovanni are now hosting the legendary party series “Cocktail D’Amore” in Berlin, which has become something of an institution of Berlins house scene. “There are twinks, bears, freaks and even (a few) fashion people all having fun together, without creating ghettos within the ghetto like it would happen in other cities…” says Giovanni.

We are very happy to present to you the boys’ mission to take you “onto an interstellar voyage with a retro-futuristic soundtrack”- enjoy their mix here!


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