FvF Mixtape #20

This week’s tunes come from a real Hamburger Jung and because they know how to impress the girls Lorin provides us with a classical vinyl mix. Lorin is a member of the electropop- trio Me Suceeds who just released their latest album “Rongorongo” on 180 gramm vinyl.

Whenever he is not busy with his job as a designer or band member, Lorin is djing his way through the nights of Hamburg having a bias towards the good old vinyl. His mixtape takes him back to some good tunes from the past such as “King of Pain” from The Police or “Kokoku” from Laurie Anderson. But instead of exhausting through a walk down memory lane the smooth sound of Gold Panda and Iron Curtis brings us back to present.

1. Bo Hansson – Leaving Shire
2. Laurie Anderson – Kokoku
3. Gold Panda – I’m With You But I’m Lonely
4. Iron Curtis – Solgerhood
5. Thee More Shallows – Night At The Knight School
6. The Police – King Of Pain
7. No Kids – Bluster In The Air
8. Koudlam – Eagles Of Africa
9. Beasty Boys – Brass Monkey
10. ESG – Moody (Spaced Out)
11. Arthur’s Landing – It’s A Boy
12. Abe Froman – Fair Friend
13. Q And Not U – Kiss Distinclty American


  1. mo | 18.04.2012 — 14:14

    exc ellent mix !! thanks !!

  2. gregor russ | 01.09.2013 — 22:30

    Thumbs up!

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