FvF Mixtape #42

My name is Funk, but I play house – our friend Marius Funk is a well-known character in the diverse nightlife jungle of Berlin. While starting his career at the famous party series “Shade” and hosting radio shows at Bln.Fm, Marius managed in no time to play side by side with established names such as Ellen Alien, Peaches, Crystal Castles, and Acid Washed.

The heart of the native Berliner beats with and for sophisticated house music, mixed with dreamy tunes and a good hint of disco. Marius’ sets provide a multifaceted round-up for every mood that get even the most tired legs up and dancing.

For the Freunde von Freunden mixtape he created a unique compilation of atmospheric musical moments. By focusing on melodies rather than lyrics or all-time-classic-tunes, the FvF mixtape #42 is there to wind down the everyday hustle and kick off a perfect weekend.

Upon the artist’s special request, there will be no track list available for this mixtape.

The photography cover is by Folkert Gorter.


  1. Tim | 30.11.2012 — 16:35

    I would have prefered a guy named House playing Funk.

  2. Markus | 02.12.2012 — 13:37

    Was ist das für ein toller Track beginnend bei 23min?!

  3. marie | 05.12.2012 — 11:08

    music track id´s ?

  4. marie | 05.12.2012 — 11:10

    really nice mix but I know two artists and they would really like to be announced, so people could buy their music and they can get something back

  5. Marius Funk | 06.12.2012 — 17:16

    You may rest assured that not very many mixes do include a tracklist – and that for various reasons. As stated in the introduction it was on my wish not to have it released.
    In fact, there are very many artists, who take pride in having collected obscure, rare or very fresh tracks ( which is to me the definition of a good DJ’s work) and won’t necessarily reveal their finds. Think of the popular The Magic Tapes by The Magician – all IDs are provided by the listener or even the artists themselves

    Feel free to ID those two tracks yourself, or perhaps your friends want to do it.

    For the tracks that have been released I did pay (unless they were promos given to me). I could have chosen to either keep them for myself without anybody ever hearing it or to have people listen and take interest in it. I opted for the latter. Hence, one cannot claim that I do not respect the artist because otherwise we wouldn’t be here discussing my selection.

    Also, I do provide IDs on request … emails were sent out to the people asking for particular tracks in the mix. Whether they will end up buying them is a matter of another discussion.

    If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me:


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