FvF Mixtape #8

Starting from today, we’ll re-upload some of our early mixtapes into our Mixtape Archive. Those mixtapes were formerly hosted on 8tracks or Mixcloud, and are now available for streaming and download on our Soundcloud page.

We’ll start the release with our good friend and neighbour Paul Mogg, who did a mix for us more than a year ago. This has been the last mix published on 8Tracks. In the next weeks we’ll republish all our old mixtapes leading back to the first one in 2010. Paul is a real music connoisseur, as you might know from his projects Moon Unit, Psychonauts or his DJ sets. He also runs the infamous “Mogg & Melzer” deli at Ehemalige Jüdische Mädchenschule in Berlin-Mitte with fellow DJ Oskar Melzer. Please enjoy a beautiful selection ranging from Velvet Underground to DJ Harvey and back!

1. Carol’in – C’est la Ouate (Paresseuse Ping Pong Mix)
2. Thurston Moore – Benediction
3. Tommy Mandel – Allow Me (To Destroy You)
4. DJ Harvey presents Locussolus – Little Boots (Emperor Machine Special Edit)
5. Sniff ‘n’ The Tears – Driver’s Seat (12″ Remix)
6. The Velvet Underground – Rock & Roll (Gigamesh Edit)
7. The Sharades – Dumb Head
8. Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby
9. Blood Sisters – One Blood Dub
10. A Certain Ratio – Flight
11. Julee Cruise – Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart
12. Claudja Barry – Love For The Sake Of Love
13. The Carpenters – Only Yesterday
14. Ivan Smagghe – How Understanding My Darling…
15. John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams
16. Jennifer Hudson – Angel
17. Ghostpoet – Survive It
18. When Saints Go Machine – Add Ends
19. PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose
20. Debbie Harry – Now I Know You Know


  1. Jason Jumaquio | 31.08.2012 — 09:58

    very nice.

  2. marie | 06.09.2012 — 10:11

    i would love to download it, or at least listen to it, but i cannot find the link….

  3. sarahweinknecht | 06.09.2012 — 10:20

    Hey Marie,
    You just have to click on the orange Soundcloud button to listen.
    Download button is in the upper right corner…

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