The Sooner Now is a joint initiative by FvF and MINI fostering collective imaginations of urban futures.

The Sooner Now is a forum for innovative and inspiring projects contributing to a better life in the city. The dialogue happens in varied forms—from an annual conference in Berlin, to dinners and smaller satellite events all over Germany alongside essays, interviews and explorations featured on FvF. Combining the creative network and storytelling of FvF with MINI’s dedication to finding solutions for urban spaces, we’re able to bring together the voices and minds that are shaping our future.

Why The Sooner Now

What will our cities look like in fifteen years? Or in fifty? Will overpopulation force us into dystopian living complexes? Or will we rethink our use of space? Will we really be eating lab-grown meat? Or will vertical farms be providing local and fresh organic greens? The Sooner Now is an initiative by FvF and MINI that seeks to answer questions like these and foster thought about our future cities. Our focus lies in the personal, the small scale, the creative use of space, and raising awareness for the possibilities.

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Impressions from The Sooner Now Düsseldorf


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