The Sooner Now is a joint initiative by FvF and MINI fostering collective imaginations of urban futures.

For a long time, the future seemed to be a far-flung fantasy. Whether flying around the world, landing on the moon, making a phone call from Sydney to Berlin or working remotely from Tuscany, these “futures” are now the present. Even though we widely profit from such innovations, many sectors remain faced with extreme challenges. Cities are bursting out of their old structures, and its implications are ubiquitously noticeable in everyday urban life. Everything that we do today has an effect on our future and the futures of our cities. This implies a sense of shared responsibility within the community concerning our everyday decisions.

The Sooner Now is an initiative by FvF and MINI that seeks to further discussion and foster thinking about the future of our cities. We focus on the personal, the small scale, the creative use of space, and raising awareness for these new and innovative possibilities. We have teamed up with MINI to create visibility for inclusive ideas which consider the quality of life for all urban dwellers. As MINI has shown interest in the future of urban living since its foundation in 1959, our ongoing partnership is a natural fit. United by a shared curiosity to understand, map and form urban living, The Sooner Now was created in 2016 as an ongoing exchange of inspiration.

A full-day festival at the FvF Friends Space

As part of The Sooner Now 2018, we will be hosting a full-day festival at our Friends Space in Berlin. Set for October 13, the day-long event will include panel discussions, talks, interactive offerings, and art installations. In collaboration with MINI and our international network, the aim of the event is to delve deeper into current urban debates and to discuss bold and innovative ideas. We’d like to invite all who are interested to spend the day in our space and participate!

The Sooner Now & IDEAT 2018

Following the success of last year’s events in various German cities, The Sooner Now continues its tour in cooperation with the urban design magazine IDEAT. In 2018, The Sooner Now will go on to build on conversations about urban trends and projects with local creative communities in four different cities. Four afternoon events will be held in Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne to talk local developments and movements. Focusing on personal stories and passion projects, these pave the way to a shared problem-solving approach and a better urban life. By hosting keynote speeches and panel discussions and incorporating our guests, we strive to communally envision urban futures.

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