The FvF Apartment
Visions of urban living, Berlin

The idea of the FvF Apartment came from a recurring question: “What does the home of the FvF founders look like?”

We at FvF have been portraying creatives in their homes for some time, the next logical step was to share our own.

We realised that to do this we needed to move beyond the online realm to create a tactile experience. The FvF apartment is an extension of the work we do online, it provides a physical space that showcases our vision of modern living, as well as providing a new way of bringing together the magazine’s creative community.

Prior to being what it is today, the FvF Apartment was the magazine’s office space. The 65 square-meters space felt the perfect place to begin this project.


Swiss brand Vitra was a natural first partner, their design work having been repeatedly featured in the homes and spaces of people interviewed by FvF.

The opening of the ‘FvF Apartment by Vitra’ also gave an outstanding insight into Vitra’s design, from the classic Eames Lounge Chair or the contemporary Slow Chair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Vitra remains a prevailing protagonist in FvF’s story with the ongoing FvF x Vitra series which gathers a curated selection of creatives portrayed in their home or work spaces.

Other partners—such as New Tendency, Selekkt and Punkt—also helped complete the scene.

All of our partners were genuinely attracted by this non-traditional style of advertising and saw the FvF Apartment as an non-archetypical way of endorsing their brand.

The FvF Apartment is a constantly evolving space that remains a vibrant illustration of our online projects.

The latest partnership was made with Italian manufacturer Magis. Creative values of both brands have been translated in the setting of the space.


Friends, guests and visitors from within the FvF network and beyond gather in this urban location: the stage for a diverse array of projects. The FvF Apartment is also designed to be used as a real home, a space for friends and partners to stay over.

FvF is going even further in their offline experience with the opening of the FvF Friends Space in Kreuzberg. New partners have joined the project, allowing FvF to create a new vision of urban living.