Tacos & Mezcal Pop-up
Mexican Cuisine Tasting and Mezcal Lecture

During a Mexican-inspired gathering, FvF invited Guillermo Gonzalez from Amsterdam’s fine cocktail bar Hiding in Plain Sight and Gabriel Jaffe from mobile Orale Taqueria, two mezcal and tacos connoisseurs respectively, to share more about their areas of expertise through several tasting rounds. While the pans were sizzling and mezcal kept on pouring, the event’s guests enjoyed brief lectures on the artisanal liquor and varied taco dishes in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Besides friends and family, the Mexican pop-up was attended by some of the finest representatives of Berlin’s rich food scene. Among them were Sven Hausherr, founder of Cee Cee Berlin, Kavita Meelu, responsible for the Berlin division of Kitchensurfing and driving force behind Street Food Thursdays, as well as Sumi Ha, owner of Korean eatery Yam Yam. Packed with more than 50 people, the FvF Apartment’s homely environment proved to be an ideal space for a night of good food, drinks and conversations.

For more information on the event and the Mexican cuisine theme, have a look at the article published under the magazine’s FvF Cooks section.