(EN) Huy Bui is developing tactics for the Anthropocene

(EN) The word ‘Anthropocene’ is thrown around a lot in art circles these days, and for many artists, it’s a critical tool in thinking about the role of people in climate change and mass extinction. Huy Bui is one such artist, and next week sees the opening of his new project and exhibition, Beyond 0 – A Structure for Hope and Survival, a means of “organizing artifacts, tools, supplies, seeds, plants and provisions”. Catalogs and instruction booklets will guide you through the end of the world.

To find out more about Huy Bui, read our interview with him here.

Beyond 0 – A Structure for Hope and Survival runs between 6 June and 30 June 2017 at Cooler Gallery, 22 Waverly Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11205. See their website for more details.