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Gloria Spindle

The attack of the smart toasters and other fears of a connected city

Gloria Spindle is co-founder of the Berlin-based Peng! Collective a group of artists, activists and communications people crafting new narratives and tactics for influencing public opinion on political and social issues from worldwide mass surveillance to environmental damage. They craft campaigns, media stunts, and performances in order to tell new stories in the media and provide fresh ways of thinking about world problems.

Gloria spoke on the opportunities and dangers of the increasing interconnectedness the future will bring.

“Why do we want to invite internet enabled objects into our home, onto our bodies and into our intimate spaces?”

At The Sooner Now, Gloria questioned the dream of a smart city, armed with the dry her collective’s stunts have become known for, in her talk on ‘the attack of the smart toasters and other fears of a connected city.’ Even though it is increasingly easy to live moment to moment in an always-on world, bouncing along carefree across the surfaces of slick algorithms and effortless apps, what does it actually mean to be always connected? Gloria spoke forthrightly, and was perhaps the first speaker to truly take us outside of our comfort zone. What her thoughts on the future are?