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The best compliment we get for our work is the fact that people we admire like our content and share it with their friends and readers. This is a little selection of the posts we came across in the last weeks.

The guys over at Selectism credited our video portrait of Christian Boros. “The first time I drove by the old air raid shelter in Berlin’s mitte district, I asked David Fischer what the hell it was. He then told me about Mr. Christian Boros, the ad exec and art collector in the city, who purchased the bunker after the fall of The Wall. The massive bunker is now his own private art museum, semi open by appointment. I’ve never been so lucky as to get an inside visit. This video from the great FvF takes care of for us. Possibly their best presentation yet.” Thank you!

Wallpaper kindly described our book as “a tightly edited, yet inexhaustible look into the lives of Berliners, in which the pared down elegance of the enviable high-ceilinged, low-rent residences, which permeate the city’s districts, are beautifully portrayed.” We are honored!

Invisible Lines posted our extensive interview with Jacob and Nathan of Haw-Lin, saying “it hasn’t even ruined the mystery” which is a big compliment since the two graphic designers are pretty low key. Even better that we could give you an inside look, without exposing too much.

The Greek style icon Yatzer wished all of his facebook attachés a happy Valentines Day with the beautiful shot of Jen Gilpins and Maxime Ballesteros‘ Hands.

The German magazine Cicero is happy that Berlins creative scene as portrayed by us, is not only an idealized construction of soap operas and advertising agencies, but that it is real and alive. They call it “Improvisation des guten Geschmacks”.

By browsing through our site, SFGirlbyBay got inspired to take a trip to Berlin. Call us up when you are around, Victoria!

Besides sharing the beautiful outcome of our collaborative day together with Ramon Haindl, the Haw-Lin boys gave credit to farmer Rolf Henkes bright orange barn by grouping it with a picture of tropical plants.

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