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The foundation of Freunde von Freunden has always been based on a genuine and personalised curiosity in creative people and their individual stories. Often after many of our portraits, we leave apartments and visit our guests creative workplaces, learning about other aspects of their life, such as their gallery, office or shop. When one’s career is so closely aligned with one’s identity, boundaries blur. We find inspiration in the love and passion that goes into creative thinking and work.

FvF Workplaces captures the individual, their strengths, their motivations and their work environments, rendering for our followers intimate impressions that illuminate manifold creative working environments and lifestyles.

With FvF’s new category, we mirror our own interests and goals, based on our team’s varied entrepreneurial creative backgrounds and experiences. By expanding our focus beyond the homes of our friends, FvF Workplaces aims to dig deeper into the lives of those we share common interests. For us, it was a natural progression that evolved organically.

When we moved offices a couple of weeks ago, we found ourselves searching for inspiration in order to create an environment that reflected the spirit of Freunde von Freunden – that provided us with something to look forward to every morning we arrived. What could be better than peeking inside the workplaces of people you like? For us this is different angle that expands on FvF’s focus on insights into places and creative individuals.

This is the studio space of Amsterdam-based artist Itamar Gilboa.

We respect and are inspired by these special places – these sanctuaries – where visions are projected and transformed into successful and dynamic business ideas. It allows us to consider our own approaches in work and life.

FvF Workplaces aims to explore a fascinating world of brands and companies to convey behind the scenes stories through the eyes of a group of innovative individuals. Our interviews in this category will document the craftmanship and journey of products, shops, studios and galleries and other business we admire.

This biographical approach, situated within the workplace, is a new adaptation that provides a different form of storytelling based around the essential elements of people and places – an ongoing thread in our content. Presented within working environments, the diversity of stories and personalities featured continues to be our central focus.

Fashion designer Leyla Piedayesh‘s inspirational picture wall in her studio in Berlin.

From the very start we have been extremely interested in the projects and creative businesses of our guests.
Remember the Israeli design couple Raw Edges and the experimental visual artist Itamar Gilboa, who owns that enviable swing construction in his lofty studio. Or Leyla Piedayesh and the team of her acclaimed fashion label Lala Berlin, which we visited at the studio and were invited backstage during a show. We also featured Chris Rehberger in his agency’s minimalistic office space and the humorous artist Sage Vaughn, who lives an exceptional American dream in the colorful landscape of his L.A. studio.

From today onwards, you can expect to see a collection of new creative documentations combined with a special selection of older interviews that introduce the creative people behind a range of brands and companies. FvF Workplaces aims to provide our audience with an insight into the realm of the creative workplace.

Designer Chris Rehberger installed this large table in his agency “Double Standards” in Berlin.

Artist Sage Vaughn presents some of his recent works in his studio in Los Angeles.

We look forward to your feedback on this new venture as we continue to evolve and grow with our network.

Photography by Jordi Huisman, Ailine Liefeld and Zen Sekizawa.

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