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Lead Awards 2012
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What a night! We feel extremely honored to having received another price this year from Lead Awards. Yesterday evening, we won a bronze medal in the category “Best Online Magazine,” and feel completely overwhelmed for having been praised in this way.

Even though it is for us the third time in a row to participate at this event, it still is very exciting to us to know that our work is being recognized and appreciated by such a prestigious organization as the Lead Award. Especially as times goes by, we only want to improve. We feel that we did when we expanded our network and became international last year and it’s great to hear the inspiring feedback from all over the world.

So this is a loud shout-out containing a thousand THANK YOUS to all our supporters, readers, mothers, fathers, friends, occasional stalkers, partners and coffeemakers who make all of this possible! We also want to congratulate our friends at Design Made in Germany for winning the “Best Online Magazine” category, Frank Höhne for being awarded as one of the best illustrators of the year, and Nathan and Jacob of Haw-Lin for kicking ass as “Best Weblog of the Year”!

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