Matthew Stone Retexturizes Human Form and Flesh Through Digital Painting
The postdigital artist’s Healing with Wounds series "juxtaposes" classical compositions with latex-looking bodily details
Journal > Matthew Stone Retexturizes Human Form and Fl…

The disconcerting textures revealed by peeling skin away from humans in “Body Worlds” has been smoothed by Matthew Stone’s digital painting process which references the famed, if confronting, traveling exhibition.

Splashes of pastel paint give form to impeccably-finished human figures in “Healing with Wounds”. On the artist’s page, viewers are able to imagine the bodies as 3D through short digital animations of the lens moving around the circumference of the images. The vibrant, hauntingly beautiful images are on display at Somerset House in London. They are a part of the Utopia celebrations, marking the 500th anniversary of Thomas More’s Utopia.


“Optimism is the Vital Force that Entangles itself with and then Shapes the Future.” — Matthew Stone


For more information visit the homepage of artist Matthew Stone or the Utopia exhibition at Somerset House in London: Utopian Voices Here & Now, 6 July-29 August 2016