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The Productions agency behind Freunde von Freunden
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When we launched Freunde von Freunden in 2009 we always had in mind to create a use-case and project for ourselves where we could showcase and highlight all our abilities and experiences in a sustainable way without being campaign or client driven and foremost have fun together as a team.
With this Journal Post we want to highlight the agency behind Freunde von Freunden and want to answer some frequently asked questions regarding that approach:
Please meet one of our best kept secrets – our Creative & Cultural Consulting and Production Agency FvF Productions.

Over the last three years we have been taking part in a wonderful process. We experienced a growth and expansion of our network resulting in a steady and reciprocal chain of inspiration. Nowadays our international network spans to over 25 international cities and includes contributors with diverse professional and cultural backgrounds enabling us to gain exclusive and unique insights into creative circles around the world.

Since the essence of our magazine lies in its genuine character and design, we have always rejected any type of traditional and standard advertising. Thus we strive for innovative and authentic integration of beneficial and customized content from brands and partners we like and which make sense and create added value in our environment and network.

FvF Productions and MoreSleep operates on the interface between creative industries and corporate communications and offers various services. Coming from the fields of digital media, graphic design and strategic consulting we are aiming to deliver timeless and bespoke formats.

Find more information about our projects, clients and philosophy on the newly launched FvF Productions Website.