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Where were we?
After our short yet productive break, we’re very excited to share brand new portraits from around the globe with you. This time we’ve travelled to cities like Paris, London, Sao Paolo and Los Angeles to interview an eclectic mix of genuine good people.
Interviews in September will include architect Joseph Dirand, interior designer Regine Safronoff and knitwear designer Sibling; art collectors Christian and Karen Boros, graphic designers of and fashion designer Hien Le from Berlin; photographer Fran Parente from Sao Paolo as well as Marc Atlan from LA. Yeah!

International Interviews
Since we’ve expanded beyond our Berlin borders you will notice some evident changes in our portraits. In order to maintain the same local feel and authentic touch as in our previous German conversations, all our international interviews will be presented in the original language (French, Protugese, etc) with an English translation. Our video segments will receive a english subtitle treatment if necessary.

Design Update
Apart from the new content, we’ve also updated the design of the site and are happy to introduce a few new features to the mix. You’ll notice an improvement in the readability of the site including an improved homepage showcasing more news and updates. Overall we’ve tried to keep the changes true to the original style with a cleaner look and easier usability.