(EN) BYBORRE launches pop-up store at Wir Sind Die Holländer

(EN) Our friends over at BYBORRE are planning something special here in Berlin. The Amsterdam-based textile company—whose pieces blend technology, research, and aesthetic design—are holding a pop-up weekend at Wir Sind Die Holländer. Expect to see their unusual collection in all its glory. You’ll also have the opportunity to build your own sweater, based on your favorite BYBORRE textile sample.

The opening event takes place on 18 May at Wir Sind Die Holländer, Inselstrasse 13, Berlin. The store will be open between 18-21 May, from 11.00am until 20.00.

You can take a look inside the BYBORRE studio, see the home of its founder Borre, and find out more about his envelope-pushing approach to design, here on FvF.