(EN) Guido Castagnoli's latest photography project celebrates gender expression in all its forms

(EN) Berlin-based Italian photographer and friend of FvF, Guido Castagnoli, has created a series of images that capture the vitality of non-normative gender expression. The series, ‘Bodies that Matter’, portrays members of the LGBTQ+ community—with mesmerising results.

See the work that Guido has previously created for FvF here. And take an in-depth look at his work on his website.

All images courtesy of Guido Castagnoli. Above image: Réda, Berlin March 2017

(EN) Lerato, Berlin April 2017
(EN) Mimi, Berlin April 2017
(EN) Kathryn, Berlin March 2017
(EN) Merlin, Berlin March 2017
(EN) Troels, Berlin April 2017
(EN) Alan, Berlin April 2017
(EN) Marja, Berlin April 2017
(EN) Phil, Berlin March 2017