(EN) American Director Claire Cottrell Reveals the Roots Connecting Femininity and Space
(EN) Claire Cottrell's photographs peer into the imtimate spaces which women occupy and pass through
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(EN) Claire Cottrell’s work occupies the liminal space somewhere between the warmth of flesh and the sterility of concrete.

(EN) Her photographs explore the relationship between women and their surroundings with a focus squarely on architecture with a historical significance. In some of her most recent images she delves into the old-timey world of Stella Adler’s home where Marlon Brando often visited. Another location was featured in the Long Goodbye. Her atmospheric photos seem to be a personal journey through form and narrative—grasping at the themes of identity and expression.


(EN) “You live in a place long enough and your identity becomes entwined with it. I can’t explain myself without talking about Los Angeles.”


(EN) Images: © Claire Cottrell