The Sooner Now – sharing ideas for a life in the city

For a long time we at FvF have been looking at contemporary urban life and the creative personalities shaping it. Our interest in how people live in the city is unbowed, still we’re asking ourselves what we’ll be facing in the next ten years.

‘The Sooner Now’ is an inaugural creative conference that establishes a dialogue of exchange that moves our conversation from online to the physical sphere.

We brought together FvF’s network of personalities—150 attendees from across the creative fields close to our heart—to share opinions with each other, arrive at fresh ideas, and leave with gained perspectives.

The future is here – The Sooner Now supplement of brand eins magazine, December 2016.

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Panelists and Speakers

Experts from different fields discuss the future of urban living

New ideas often occur where different disciplines meet—we came together to share a multi-perspectival vision of the future.

Panel: “The future of urban living: How to connect and initiate change in the city”


A captivating, extended panel discussion between Francesca Ferguson, Jeanette Gusko, Niklas Maak and Taina Moreno, hosted by the futurist and urbanist Ludwig Engel.

It both typified and took to new, impassioned examination of the day’s themes: Ferguson’s opening statement was a warning shot across the bow of those among us still thinking we could submerge ourselves in the comforting creative cliques we have formed; Maak’s outspoken critique of the architectural and political response to current political crises was nevertheless couched in real, in-motion plans to combat them. Ultimately, the discussion brought the ripe possibilities of the future into the present.

The Sooner Now: Impressions from a day of inspired conversations

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Press Release

Thank you

To all of our speakers and guests for helping create a blueprint for the future of our cities.

We’re at a pivotal moment in time, and the decisions that we make now will have impacts
lasting well into the future. We’ll continue to explore new topics and possibilities of
future urban living through different iterations of The Sooner Now alongside the brilliant
minds and ideas circulating around the FvF network. Stay tuned and join us in our
journey toward a brighter future.

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