The long-standing partnership between FvF and MINI is based on a shared interest in urban lifestyles and the belief in the positive impact of creative solutions, both on and in our cities.

While FvF approaches creative minds from a pool of an ever-expanding network to share their individual stories, MINI, outside its role as a car company, has dedicated its mission to finding progressive solutions to enhance urban spaces. By joining these two forces it’s our combined aim to foster collective imaginations of urban futures.

As an urban-oriented brand that includes the initiatives MINI LIVING, MINI FASHION, in-house design studio A/D/O and start-up accelerator URBAN-X, MINI eagerly anticipates the future of urban contexts. Since the launch of the very first Mini in 1959 that followed the design principle of “creative use of space”, MINI has been an active protagonist in the dealing with urban transformation as growing cities and increasing populations have caused fundamental change in the way we live.

Our collaboration with MINI started in 2014 with the initial interview series Guided & Curated that focused on people we considered pioneers of a modern-day urban lifestyle. As their personal connections to different German metropolises inspire readers to re-engage with their cities, we have always understood the urban realm as something that is constantly in progress, as a space that nurtures renewal and is strongly influenced by its inhabitants.

The Sooner Now was born out of the realization that the stories told should be expanded and brought into dialogue with their creative protagonists. The Sooner Now is an ongoing endeavour that establishes an exchange that moves our conversation beyond online storytelling—from dinners and after-work events to a full-day conferences in Berlin, we join our networks of innovators, makers, and entrepreneurs to share opinions, generate ideas, and leave with gained perspectives.


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