Link List #142: The Sierra Nevada, irate gallery-goers, and 33 ways to remember the 2010s

This week we’ve been reading about the Columbian indigenous group who want to remind us of our roots in nature, Mati Diop’s debut film Atlantiques, and the defining moments of the decade according to The New York Times.

  • Including work by artists Danh Vō, Ren Hang, and Dinh Q. Lê, a new exhibition of LGBTQ-themed art at The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre in Thailand seeks to promote tolerance and conversations that are sometimes taboo in the region. Find out more on Artnet.
  • As the end of the year (and the decade!) rolls ever closer, The New York Times takes a look back at the defining moments of the 2010s, from the advent of algorithms to the diversification of the Oscars, the international rise of K-pop to #MeToo becoming a household term.
  • Are museums and galleries becoming akin to amusement parks? The Guardian talks to irate gallery-goers in London about their uncomfortable, overcrowded experiences and questions what the best way is to meet the growing public demand for art.
  • In an effort to raise awareness about the environmental threats to the Sierra Nevada mountain, the Arhuaco—a Columbian indigenous group—invited National Geographic to be the first “outsiders” to undertake a spiritual journey with them from the base of the massif all the way up to the sacred lake of Naboba.
  • Huck magazine speaks to director Mati Diop about her debut film Atlantiques, for which she was the first black, female filmmaker to be entered into Cannes’ main competition. An intriguing blend of ghost story, romance, and political commentary, Atlantiques tells the story of a young man journeying across the sea from Senegal to Spain, exploring themes of migration and loss in the process.

  • How accurate were the 1982 film Blade Runner’s predictions about 2019? South China Morning Post looks at how much today’s Hong Kong has in common with the future director Ridley Scott imagined 37 years ago.

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Text: FvF Team