Link List #151: Steve Coogan, Studio Ghibli, and the Hong Kong art scene in the wake of coronavirus

This week we’ve been reading about new immigration laws in the UK, how childhood is represented in Studio Ghibli films, and how the Hong Kong art world is coping in the face of coronavirus.

Link List 151
From the series Belgravia, 1979-81 © Karen Knorr.
  • In this opinion piece in The Guardian, writer Nesrine Malik looks into how British Conservative politicians Priti Patel and Sajid Javid are backing new immigration rules that would have barred their ‘unskilled’ parents from the UK
  • “There is a #MeToo paradox in France: It is one of the countries where the movement was the most closely followed on social media, but from a political perspective and in cultural spheres, France has completely missed the boat,” says Adèle Haenel. The first high-profile actress to speak out about abuse in the French film industry, Haenel explains to The New York Times why France needs to do more to support sexual assault victims
  • Following the news that Studio Ghibli’s back catalog will become available on Netflix, Frieze explores how childhood is presented as a fantastic place of nightmare and wonder in the beloved anime films
  • The British Journal of Photography features portraits by photographer Karen Knorr which are currently being shown as part of the Barbican’s latest blockbuster show, Masculinities: Liberation through Photography. Taken in the elite London gentlemen’s clubs of the early 1980s, Knorr’s images expose the power, privilege, and patriarchy that continue to shape society today
  • In line with the release of Greed—in which he stars as a grotesque fashion CEO—British actor and comedian Steve Coogan talks to Dazed Digital about money, corporate distraction, and Abba
  • In this article, The South China Morning Post takes a look at the Hong Kong galleries continuing to hold exhibitions in the face of the current coronavirus crisis and the cancellation of Art Basel’s Hong Kong edition

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