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FvF Mixtape #76
Max Kersting delivers a mix that taps on nostalgia and rollerblading years.
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Max Kersting is a strange and funny character which one immediately gathers from his humorous artwork and the weird blog The German Museum of Hangovers which showcases drunken faces from the day after. After studying graphic design in Düsseldorf, Max moved to Berlin to work in the advertising industry but after three years of looking for a way in, he quit trying.

Now, he works mostly as a freelance designer for small local brands as well as an artist mainly known for scribbling and painting on top of old photographs. One of the art books he’s published is titled Drei unbeschwerte Tage and features found flea market photos with text and paint on them. With absurd humour and inherent irony he creates new stories using old pictures and his own along with his own writing.


Whilst preparing a new book called Skate Kaff he looks back to growing up in a small town of Germany when there was no internet and not much else around except for the joy of rollerblading.

On that mindset, Max has put together our newest FvF Mixtape.


Nobodys – In Memory Of
Herbert Joos – When Were You Born?
Tim Hecker – Chimeras
Bochum Welt – Fortune Green
Small Black – Despicable Dogs
Polvo – Vibracobra
Splashgirl – Alpha State Of Mind
ASIWYFA – The Voiceless
Múm – Away
Bowery Electric – Floating World
Ennio Morricone – The Return
Mew – Silas The Magic Car
Yeasayer – The Children
Cliff Martinez – On The Beach
Radiohead – Skttrbrain (Four Tet Remix)